Quick Start

Let's get started using Google Apps!
  Activate your Google Apps account You need to activate your LVUSD Google Apps account before you can use it for the very first time.
  Gmail Basics

Quickly learn to accomplish some of the same tasks in Gmail that you're used to doing in Zimbra.

Print this guide out and keep it handy as you begin using Gmail.
  Gmail signatures, labels, and filters

  Gmail email, find, and edit your contacts
Once you know the basics, these will help you organize your Gmail inbox and manage your contacts and groups.
  Google Calendar Basics Discover how to use Google Calendar to organize your schedule and share it with others.
  What's not available in Gmail

See features you might be used to in Zimbra mail  that aren't in Gmail.
 Migrating Content from Zimbra to Google Once you've spent a little time using Gmail and Google Calendar, learn how to move your Contacts, Calendars, and Briefcase files from Zimbra to Google Apps.